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ngiˋet    goˋng    fa    fa      a2    moˇi    pu    tsa


pu    buˋn    ma2    sa    shiˋt


pu     buˋn    lo2   ra    shiˋt


lo2   ra   giˋn    noˇ


heu2     boˇi   dro2ng    ngiu


ngiu    giˋn     noˇ


mai2   tet


mai2   gaˇi   tsien   giˋn   noˇ


to2   buˋ    ngiong   to2   tet


buˋ   ngiong   giˋn   noˇ

               呢 ?

tai2   shu2    kam2   tet


tai2    shu2    giˋn    noˇ


paˋk    ngiˇe    driˇu    tet


paˋk   ngiˇe    giˋn    noˇ


gaˋi    ma   tzui     tet


gaˋi    ma    giˋn   noˇ


ra2    po   kiam    tet


ra2    po    giˋn    noˇ


chuˇng     er   tan    tet


chuˇng    er    giˋn   noˇ


foˊ   shaˋu   tet


foˊ   giˋn   noˇ

       呢 ?

shuˊi    lim    tet


shuˊi     giˋn    noˇ


ngiˋt    teu    saˇi    tzaˋu    tet


ngiˋt    teu    giˋn    noˇ


gai  piˊen   loˋk    saˋn    hiˇ   leˋ




Shining moonlight


Shining moonlight

Young girl’s making tea

For whom?

For her master

Where is the master?

Looking after cattle behind

Where are the cattle?

Sold out

Where’s the money?

Gone for getting married

Where’s the bride?

Killed by a fallen tree

Where’s the tree?

Eaten by termites

Where are termites?

Eaten by hens

Where are the hens?

Caught by eagles

Where are eagles?

Shot by a gun

Where’s the gun?

Burned by fire

Where’s the fire?

Extinguished by water

Where’s the water?

Dried by sun

Where’s the sun?

Setting below the mountain.


FT: This is a chain ballad started with moonlight.